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    Major changes in the shop and blog will happen over the Summer/Early Autumn. We won't say much, as we rather like the idea of remaining mysterious, but there will be new art+science categories, new designs & creations in existing categories, the disappearance of some existing things (don't be sad, this change is good) and most certainly a few surprises you've yet to see anywhere else.

    What has inspired this change? A lot of things really. Books we've read, stories we've written, art we've seen, lectures we've heard. Life. Just normal life and the realisation that, if you look hard enough, it's not so normal. Not so ordinary. We don't think We The Sciencey should be either. So we're embracing our sciencey-ness and endeavouring to show the world that they have it, too, in wonderful abundance.

    In the meantime, why not explore a little of the extraordinariness of the world and people around you? Here's a good place to start.

    (photo edited by: us, photo source: unknown--possibly HubbleSite)

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