• August Funding: Surgicorps International

    This month and, most likely, in the following months, 5% of the price of all your store purchases at We The Sciencey will be donated to Surgicorp International, who provide free surgical care to children in many, many countries, children who would otherwise be unable to have the care. That's hope for humanity right there. We've got to keep that going.

    If you want to find out more about Surgicorps, you can visit their site here. You can even donate or volunteer, if the thought so strikes you. And, almost forgot! If you shop on Amazon, you can easily change your shopping settings, so that 0.5% of the price of certain purchases will automatically go toward helping Surgicorps keep doing what they're doing. How easy is that?

    Keep adventuring. And always, always, stay brilliantly you.


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