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Jurassic Time Capsule Men's Keychain in Brass


Inner Capsule Option

Jurassic Time Capsule Men's Keychain in Brass
We designed our fossil necklace and keychain versions, so that both men and women (those terms sound so serious to me) can wear them. So if it's a gift, no worries. We've made it simple for you! : )


This version of our brass time capsule contains quite a bit of the past, and by past we mean that the specimen inside is conjectured to be 66-90 million years old. Titanosaurs lived from the Late Jurassic-Cretaceous Period, and I think May Kendall, poet and satirist, puts the air of this time wonderfully:

“I abide in a goodly Museum,
Frequented by sages profound:
'Tis a kind of strange mausoleum,
Where the beasts that have vanished abound.
There's a bird of the ages Triassic,
With his antediluvian beak,
And many a reptile Jurassic,
And many a monster antique. “

This capsule is meant to be a reminder of adventure. So purchase at your own risk! And prepare for all the brilliant and courageous adventures ahead.

| photo no. 3 shows an example of one of our larger specimens |

Your Capsule Contents and Ingredients:

|| One brass time capsule, engraved with our motto ‘a terra ad astra’ Latin for
‘from the Earth to the Stars’ (capsule height: 4.4cm / 1.75in)
|| One sealed, glass vial containing 20-30mg of fossilised Titanosaur eggshell
|| One distressed, heavy brass carabiner (carabiner height: 4.6cm / 1.8in)
|| One signed specimen card, stamped with the capsule’s date of creation & assembly
|| *Optional typewritten note within the capsule (100 maximum characters)
|| One recycled-cotton, drawstring carrying bag
|| All exquisitely packaged using recycled paper boxes, cotton, and misc.
|| *Your parcel will include your typewriter-typed mailing address on your parcel
(please see 4th & 5th photo)

*all of our custom notes & shipping addresses are hand-typed on our vintage typewriter (*see 4th photo for an example of note aesthetics)

Because of the inherent nature of brass to weather over time, your capsule colour will deepen over the years, giving further character to its already beautiful aesthetics. Your specimen will vary in size, shape, and colour, as each specimen has its own qualities.

5% of every time capsule purchase goes towards funding Kickstarter projects that support space and science education and exploration.

current project:

top secret! : )