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Martian Meteorite Fragment - Men's Time Capsule Keychain - EDC Time Capsule


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Martian Meteorite Fragment - Men's Time Capsule Keychain - EDC Time Capsule
As of 2014, only 132 out of over 61, 000 documented meteorites were analysed and identified as being Martian. That's just 0.22%. Pretty rare, indeed! But just think of what had to happen, the journey all along the way, to have that bit of Mars end up here --intact (and not lost in the depths of the Mariana Trench or buried in the sands of the Sahara)! Pretty amazing stuff.

If you've made it this far, you probably love the idea of exploring & colonising Mars (or know someone who does). If you'd like to add a bit more Martian knowledge to your repertoire, Wikipedia has a great article here (points down) that even explains a bit about the classification of Martian shergottite your vial contains : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martian_meteorite. And if you have any questions after, reading, please do ask. We'd be happy to explain the way these meteorites are classified!

Also, if you haven't read/watched (preferably in that order) 'The Martian', you should. : )

I mean, who wouldn't want to own a bit of Mars. Just saying ; )


A little bit about the capsule, itself:

We’ve been working on this capsule for a long time, and we're pretty joyed that we've accomplished it. Space, the stars, the heavens.. have always instilled, in us, a sense of mystery and curiosity. As far as possessions go, we're a pretty minimal family (minus all of our lab equipment!), so we find it important to put things into the world that really matter —that are lasting and moving. It’s our hope that this is a contribution to that.

While we may not be able to travel through all of time and space (yet!…or ever?) this necklace can remind you, or a dear friend or loved one, that there's much more to life than what is in front of our eyes...

"Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life. I thought of their unfathomable distance, and the slow inevitable drift of their movements out of the unknown past into the unknown future.” -Mr. H.G. Wells


Your Capsule Contents and Ingredients:

|| One brass time capsule, engraved with our motto ‘a terra ad astra’ Latin
for ‘from the Earth to the Stars’ (capsule height: 4.4cm / 1.75in)
|| One sealed, glass vial containing 20-40mg of a shergottite Martian meteorite
|| One distressed, heavy brass carabiner (carabiner height: 4/6 / 1.8in)
|| One signed specimen card, stamped with the capsule’s date of creation
and assembly
|| *Optional typewritten note within the capsule (100 max. characters)
|| One recycled-cotton, drawstring carrying bag
|| All exquisitely packaged using recycled paper boxes, cotton, and misc.
|| *Your parcel will include your typewriter-typed mailing address on the top of your parcel (please see 4th and 5th photo)

*all of our custom notes & shipping addresses are hand-typed on our vintage typewriter (*see 5th photo for an example of note aesthetics)

Because of the inherent nature of brass to weather over time, your capsule colour will deepen over the years, giving further character to its already beautiful aesthetics. Your specimen will vary in size, shape, and colour, as each specimen has its own qualities.

5% of every time capsule purchase goes towards crowd-funded projects that support space and science education and exploration.

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