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Black Meteorite Dust Necklace- Men's/Women's Astronomy Necklace - Space Jewelry


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Black Meteorite Dust Necklace- Men's/Women's Astronomy Necklace - Space Jewelry

We’ve partnered with niko&niko (nikoandniko.com) to create a line of meteorite jewelry that is great for everyday wear! It’s subtle and beautiful and perfect for gifting to a lover of the stars.

While we may not be able to travel through all of time and space (yet!…or ever?) this necklace can remind you, or a dear friend or loved one, that there's much more to life than what is in front of our eyes...and that when difficult times come, to look up and smile.

“The contemplation of celestial things will make a man both speak and think more sublimely and magnificently when he descends to human affairs.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero, c. 30 BC


Your bracelet details:

|| One necklace containing dust from your choice of a fall NWA869 chondrite meteorite or a for the Mars lover, dust from a Martian shergottite meteorite.
|| Braided HT-Nylon necklace cord 30in.
|| Enameled metal necklace ring 20mm wide and reads “a terra ad astra” Latin for “from the earth to the stars”
|| One signed specimen card, stamped with your necklace’s date of creation and assembly
|| One recycled-cotton, drawstring carrying bag
|| 5% of every time capsule purchase goes towards crow-funded projects that support space and science education and exploration.

While this necklace is made to be worn everyday, please treat as fine jewelry. Cleaning is easy —just a rinse with clean, cool water!

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